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Our Creative Process


01. Planning

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02. Designing

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03. Coding

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Why Semishot?


Extremely easy to use and powerful portfolios with tons of options and ways to customize, both for portfolio listings and single pages.


Beautiful galleries powered by lazy loading. Comes with 9 column sizes, 2 image types and dynamic margin options.


Theme also comes with powerful live search filter. Let user filter through your images and portfolio with their own keywords.

Easy To Use

Semishot comes with powerful and user-friendly theme options based on Redux Framework. No coding knowledge required.

Useful Shortcodes

Theme comes with useful shortcodes that will help you to build your site. If that’s not enough you can always use custom plugins or page builders.

Multi-Purpose Layout

Even though this theme was built for portfolio and photography sites it can be easily adjusted and used for other types of sites e.g. business or corporate.

Fast and Slim

Semishot was coded with speed in mind. It’s lightweight, blazing fast and scores high on sites like GTMetrix and Google Page Speed.

Ready for plugins

Theme was tested with most popular plugins starting with Contact Form 7 and ending with page builders like Visual Composer.

Intelligent Features

Features like scroll-aware fixed header or sticky project content creates better user experience and helps your visitors to navigate through your site.



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Happy Together

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Black and White

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Beautiful Places

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Piercing Eyes

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Urban Art

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City Architecture

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What Our Clients Say?


Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Web Designer

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Jason Williams
Jason Williams
Company Owner

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Ben Forester
Ben Forester
Graphic Designer

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